Frequently Asked Questions

Use the search field at the top of the page to search for a video by a specific word or phrase, such as “shake test” or “HPV vaccine.” Or select a topic from the list under “Browse by Topic” on the homepage to see all videos within a specific category.

You can watch or share essential video lessons without using cellular data or WiFi by using the download feature. First, click the icon on the video player page or from any page where the video appears. If you are not signed into your account, you will be asked to sign in or create an account.

Once a video is downloaded, you can watch it even when you are offline. Note that a video will only download when you have a WiFi or internet connection.

Additionally, the Immunization Academy Android application allows you to access downloaded videos offline from your Android device.

Add a video to your Favorites so that you can easily find and share it later. Tap the icon from the video player or from any screen where the video is listed. See the full list of your favorite videos by selecting “My Videos” from the menu in the top left of your screen.

Categorize and group your videos using the watchlist functionality. Add videos to a watchlist by selecting the plus icon from the video player of from any screen where the video is listed. You can add the video to an existing watchlist or create a new watchlist. See all of your watchlists by selecting “My Videos” from the main menu in the top left of your screen.

Both features allow you to easily find a video. The watchlist functionality allows you to categorize videos by adding them to a list. Favoriting a video is a one-step process that allows you to save a video in an uncategorized list. Adding a video to a watchlist does not automatically save the video to your favorites. However, a video can be both favorited and belong to a watchlist.

You may turn captions on by clicking the caption icon when watching a video. To turn off captions, click the icon again.

To switch a video or captions to a different language, go to the language menu in the top navigation bar and select your language preference.

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