About Us

IA Watch, part of the Immunization Academy, is a website with short videos to quickly learn hands-on immunization skills from your phone or laptop.
IA Watch allows you to:
  • Watch videos online or offline
  • Track your learning activity and progress
  • Create lists of your favorite or most watched videos
  • Earn professional credits and credentials

You can incorporate IA Watch into your work in a wide range of ways, including:

  • To improve and refresh your own skills
  • As a visual reference tool while performing important tasks
  • To aid in communication with other staff members
  • To strengthen supportive supervision
Trusted content

All videos are based on approved WHO guidance and were created with the assistance of a health advisory board composed of global experts and local practitioners in the field.

All videos are available in English, French, Swahili and Hausa, with other languages to be added soon.

Editorial process

As part of a human-centered design approach, The BCL Institute conducted formative research to identify the current challenges and content priorities of the target audience and key stakeholders.

In-depth interviews, focus groups, and working sessions were conducted with user groups in Tanzania. Based on these inputs and on existing immunization “best practices” as defined by the WHO, a list of prioritized video topics was generated and vetted with the target audience. Once approved, each video topic was researched using WHO guidance documents and interviews with subject matter experts.

Video transcripts were reviewed and updated by a panel of subject matter experts, as well as stakeholders at the Tanzania Ministry of Health. The editorial and review process was conducted independently, without any affiliations other than the ones described above.

Advisory board

The following individuals have reviewed all training transcripts and provided guidance on immunization training topics.

  • Dr. Francois Gasse, UNICEF
  • Dr. Renu Paruthi, WHO Country Office for India
  • Bonaventura Nestory, Tanzania Ministry of Health
  • Dr. Jean-Marc Olive, member of WHO IPAC (Immunization Practice Advisory Committee), retired from WHO
  • Dr. Frida Mghamba, Tanzania Ministry of Health (former)
  • David Brown, Brown Consulting Group
  • Dr. Alex Mphuru, Tanzania Ministry of Health (former)
  • Dr. Robin J. Biellik, PATH (retired) and WHO (retired)
Our sponsors

The Immunization Academy is a global learning initiative led by learning experts at The BCL Institute. The initiative is sponsored by a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and was created using WHO-approved guidance, including Training for Mid-Level Managers (MLM) and Immunization in Practice (IIP).